Don’t Limit Me
On What I can Be

Why the Career ABC’s

Explained by author Emily Taffel-Cohen

If you had asked me when I was a little girl what I wanted to be when I grew up, I would have told you, “an actress, a showgirl (I loved sequins and feathers), a store owner, a business woman (I loved briefcases), and a children’s book writer.”

It is crazy to say I have now accomplished all 5, along with about 10 other skills/jobs!

I am a publicist. A digital strategist. A creativity consultant. I officiate weddings. I plan events – everything from corporate galas to intimate weddings to product launches and brand activations. I once opened a dating profile writing company, did social media campaigns for internationally known luxury hotels and yacht shows, did a stint as a magician’s assistant and taught improv and theater to children at a summer camp.

I tried a bit of everything, and the best part is that while my family was filled with its fair share of doctors, lawyers, teachers, investment bankers and such, there was no pressure to follow in those footsteps. I was presented with a world of opportunity and whatever I chose, my parents never bat an eye, enforcing the concept that it was important to follow your dreams instead of the typical path.

I was raised on the beliefs that while money is important, happiness is everything, that the person with the lowest job title deserves as much respect as the one with the top title, and that it was ok to decide to skip the straight and narrow path to create your own unique squiggly one as long as you had an end goal in mind.

That is why the little actress who used to stand on her toy box to perform on a “stage”, who loved sequins, feathers and sparkle, performed as a showgirl for more than 10 years and can still be seen acting in community theatre shows.

The girl who used to carry her lunchbox as a briefcase and walk around her bedroom saying she had very important meetings to go to, manifested that into a career as the owner of a successful public relations and marketing company, Mugsy PR.

The child who sold hand painted rocks and wood magnets because she liked being a store owner now has a feminist themed t-shirt shop for babies to adults called Unruly Emotion.

And now, with the debut of Don’t Limit Me On What I Can Be, she can check off children’s book author from the list too!

I hope this book will inspire a new generation of children to explore ALL of the amazing careers that exist in the world and find the one(s) that brings them joy every day!


Author Emily Taffel-Cohen & Illustrator Arlene Soto

Emily Taffel-Cohen

Emily Taffel-Cohen


Emily Taffel-Cohen is a marketing and publicity consultant, best known as the founder of Mugsy PR, but she is also an experiential event planner, writer, wedding officiant, feminist t-shirt maker, performer, road trip enthusiast, and avid car singer. She is the Communications Director for the Association for Women in Communications South Florida chapter and a volunteer with 4Kids. She even manages to sleep sometimes! Emily lives in South Florida with her husband, thanks to whom she is also a stepmom to 4 of the most incredible humans on the planet who inspire her every day.

It was her stepchildren and her love of adventure and trying new things that led her to write her first book, “Don’t Limit Me On What I Can Be”, to inspire children to learn about, and be open to, ALL the opportunities life holds.

Arlene Soto

Arlene Soto


Arlene Soto is a Hispanic American, homeschooling mother of three feisty girls, two dogs, one chubby cat, and five chickens, and thrives on making sure that everything she does is inclusive and creative. As an illustrator and graphic designer, as well as the owner and creative director at Intricate Designs, she uses intuition and passion in every project that comes her way.

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