Don’t Limit Me
On What I can Be

About the Author

Emily Taffel-Cohen


Emily Taffel-Cohen is a marketing and publicity consultant, best known as the founder of Mugsy PR, but she is also an experiential event planner, writer, wedding officiant, feminist t-shirt maker, performer, road trip enthusiast, and avid car singer. She is the Communications Director for the Association for Women in Communications South Florida chapter and a volunteer with 4Kids. She even manages to sleep sometimes! Emily lives in South Florida with her husband, thanks to whom she is also a stepmom to 4 of the most incredible humans on the planet who inspire her every day.

It was her stepchildren and her love of adventure and trying new things that led her to write her first book, “Don’t Limit Me On What I Can Be”, to inspire children to learn about, and be open to, ALL the opportunities life holds.

About the Illustrator

Arlene Soto


Arlene Soto is a Hispanic American, homeschooling mother of three feisty girls, two dogs, one chubby cat, and five chickens, and thrives on making sure that everything she does is inclusive and creative. As an illustrator and graphic designer, as well as the owner and creative director at Intricate Designs, she uses intuition and passion in every project that comes her way.